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Lao Dar
DoB: 970-Alturiak-06
DoD: 1005-Mirtul-15
Height: 8'2''
Weight: 600 lbs
Race: Half-Ogre
Patron: Hiatea
PoB: The Material Plane - Abeir-Toril - Faerūn - Thar - Glister
Languages: Common, Vaasan, Giant

Description: This enormous crossbreed stands 8 feet 2 inches tall and weighs in somewhere around 600 pounds. His build is heavily set with muscles, his shoulders are broad and his posture has a natural hunch to it, courtesy to a bull neck. Surprisingly, his hands are articulate and dexterous with long, nimble fingers. With a yellowish brown hide and black hair tied into tails behind and in front of his pointed ears, his eyes are a grayish yellow and radiate a guarded attentiveness. A slight beard grows along his jawline, chin and under his mouth.

He is dressed browns and grays, giving him a air of a wilderness wanderer. Leather pants and thick cloth tunic ward off the weather and quality boots protect his feet. A vest of plated leather is strapped across his torso and hangs down like a loincloth between his legs. On top of it all he wears a gray cloak, stained along its hem from contact with mud and dirt.

His equipment includes a shoulder slung bag, a chopper strapped to his belt and an enormous 9 foot greatbow that he always carries in his left hand. A quiver peeks out above his right shoulder, out of the side of his cloak.

Equipment: Composite greatbow, iuak, Vorbyx's Hammer, cloak of elvenkind

Personality: In Lao is found the temperament associated with ogres and their half-breed offspring, a weakness to taunts and a madness that comes fast to the ranger. And yet, his upbringing has left him with a code that does not mesh with outbursts or thoughtless actions, a code he strives to upkeep even in his worst moments. That's not saying his born nature is all bad heritage; he has a thirst for companionship even as he shuns the civilized world, he feels compassion and knows mercy.
He comes across as an introverted man who nonetheless holds out a helping hand to those who needs it, even if it is sometimes with tight lips and a stiff back. He'll do what is necessary, but he doesn't need to like it.

Background: Born in the stable of the Peak & Crescent Inn in the town of Glister in the land of Thar, Lao's parentage was a problem from the moment he drew breath for the first time. The midwife who aided his mother Dis in delivering the baby spoke with her friends concerning the child that very night and by next morning most of Glister knew that the woman staying at the Peak & Crescent had had relations with an ogre; a socially condemning act in itself and doubly so in a town on the fringe of ogre territory. The young innkeeper, one Arl Tyldson, found himself faced with some very serious inquiries as to the standing of his establishment, but was bound by his word and couldn't evict a newly made mother and her child. But the decision was made for him by an angry and proud Dis, a woman warrior of the Ride, who took her babe and disappeared one night into the Galenas, not to be seen again for many years.

Dis, of tribe Dar, brought up her son alone in the mists of the Galena mountains, hunting food for herself with her bow and nursing the child as soon as she returned home. The damp and chill of that season would've meant the death of a human babe, especially in the untrained hands of a young warrior, but Lao's mixed blood gave him a fortitude scarcely shared by any human toddler. He pulled through and grew into his early youth under the tutelage of his mother who trained him in the techniques of the wild, the shooting of the bow and the stalking of prey. He became quite adapt early on and aided his mother in collecting furs she could sell in Glister three pr four times a year. A few times she even brought him along with her, but only for brief nocturnal visits, and even then his appearance sometimes lead to trouble.

It was around this time that Dis and Lao for the first time began to travel with other people around the countryside. The first time Dis succeeded in getting them hired as guards on a merchant train on the trail north-west to Ilinvur. Lao had never had so long been in the presence of other people and though they were hardly tolerant of his mixed blood. Still; he learned much from those days that he had not from living with his mother. It was soon after that they came across a band of orcs traveling east being lead by a human man. They observed them from a hidden position, yet were still found by a stranger who called himself Elkhound and bid them help him in bringing down the orcs and capturing the man. He said he was a "bloodhound" and that he had been commissioned to bring the man to justice. Dis and Lao were none too fond of orcs and readily agreed.

That night, the three archers brought down the orc camp's guards one by one until they could enter unhindered and slit the throats of its inhabitants. Unfortunately, one orc was late in falling asleep and raised the alarm, waking up the remainder of the camp. In the flickering light of the campfires the battle was joined and though they fought well and slew all the orcs, Dis was wounded gravely and once the silence had settled she quietly passed on, leaving Lao truly alone for the first time in his life. Almost, anyway. Elkhound was still there and though the human man had slipped away during the fight with the orcs, he stayed to help Lao bury his mother.

The following morning the two of the them set out on the trail of the man, Lao left with nothing else to do than help the Illuskan tracker from the North in bringing down his quarry. The hunt itself was uneventful, but served to create a bond between the two rangers and in Elkhound Lao found a teacher to instruct him in the more advanced arts of forest craft. He learned the skills of bowyering and fletching, improved his tracking techniques and became familiar with many of the stranger creatures of Faerūn, if only by word of mouth. The two traveled in each others' company for almost two years, tracking criminals and hunting the humanoids of Thar, until Elkhound was slain by an ogre mage deep in the moors. Though dealt a harsh blow once more, Lao did not give up his personal war against the brutes of that land, now having been given yet another reason to fight on.

It might have gone on like that till age and weakness made him a simple foe to the ogres and orcs, but along the trail of those years Lao met too many other adventurers, shared their campfires and their quests to remain untouched by the qualities of camaraderie. Of friendship. It was still winter in the early tendays of that year that Lao quietly slipped out of the borders of Thar and traveled into the West, for what he was not sure. He only knew that he could not end his days alone and unmourned out in the bleak hills of his homeland.